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Friday, March 10, 2006

so, are we done now?

ari, I called the discussion Erik v. Ari to denote those major authors of the discussion. It was not to denote some sort of war or conflict as such.

However, I find it extremely interesting that YOU renamed it "Ari v Erik" --are we looking at some sort of subconscious self-importance which has revealed itself in your writing. furthermore, can we conclude then with these notions of self-importance, that to you the individual is more important overall? i.e., with the rearrangement of the names, and placing your name first, shows some need to establish yourself as the protagonist or even the victor of the discussion or conflict or however it is you see those entries. thus, with your own such self-identity, you the individual is more emphasized. Since you wrote this, it follows that individuals are more important in your mind which seems inconsistent with the ideology you write about.

or something like that. what the hell do I know anyway?

I'd really like to talk about more links anyway.

Here's the link to Facade--this is a free "interactive story" which is basically in the form of a first person game. check it out yourself, it's worth it. you need a 1 Ghz or so cpu though. this is a good example of modern game design.

From the people at AD's USC comes Cloud. This thing is so damn crazy. Ari should like this. You play a floating spirit and fly through the clouds. Try it before you comment. The best part about it is that it is a complete build of the game and it is entirely free! Private education at its best, bringing benefit to the masses.

Though some entries are of questionable quality, Wikipedia is a great timewaster. I got back up to speed on the different computer parts using some of its entries. It's kind of like the internet, there's stuff written about nearly everything you can think of on it.

Check this site out with pod/vidcasts from old TechTV dudes.

Cross-topic link--check this out, it analyzes what you like and plays what it thinks you might like.

Pretty soon this guy is going to recreate the ENIAC, and in about 100 years he'll make an iMac.

Of course, if you want more content, you could just check this site out, but it is too commercialized for my tastes. It's got boobies though.

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