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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Re: Erik v. Ari...
Though I am not one of the original creators/posters on this blog I believe that the spirit of the blog is that it is a forum for free speech and expression. As such, I also do not believe in restrictions or limitations at all.

Additionally, I completely agree with the point that we should not edit each other's posts--each entry should stand as written. (It is an interesting moral point that we are given the power to change each others words, but as yet no one has rewritten one another's entries to alter the meaning initially presented--or at least not that I have noticed.)

I don't think we necessarily need to comment on each others posts--in fact, I think an entry that stands without comment speaks much to the fact that it has been largely ignored and dismissed overall. To be honest, I don't even finish some of the longer entries that some of the authors post because I've heard better ramblings in the psych ward.

We will all approach this blog with our own agendas and purposes, and take from it what we choose.

The one fact that remains is that the blog will die if it is not fed and maintained.

So here are some links to entertain you while you ignore this very long post.

For Erik. (I think I posted link before, but I just love it.)
For Ari. (couldn't think of anything else in my favorites list)

NSFW section......NSFW section......NSFW section......
Lindsay Lohan song.
Subject of previous song.
New plan for the blog?
NSFW flashes
NSFW section end......NSFW section end......NSFW section end.......

I'll put more stuff in another post, this one's reached the ignore length.


Blogger REkz said...

'...because I've heard better ramblings in the psych ward.'

When did they release Glenn from the Psych Ward? HA HA

Oh, damnit -- Glenn's one of the few of us who legitimately hangs out in the Psych Ward.
Oh well.


1:40 PM  

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