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Sunday, September 11, 2005

After some research, I've chosen some parts for my computer which I will list for your perusal and criticism.

Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI premium
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 4000+
RAM: Corsair XMS (1GB, possibly 2GB)
Videocard: PNY Geforce 6800GT or eVGA Geforce 7800GT
Optical: Plextor 716 DVD burner
HD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250GB serial ATA
Floppy: Sony black 1.44mb (it's only $11)

I still need to choose a case and power supply. I'm planning on getting a 500W PSU (I'm planning on using the dual graphics option on the motherboard).

I have a feeling that this system is going to run a bit hot, so I need to think about cooling options. Anyway, this is a work in progress and comments are welcomed.


Blogger Samuel said...

first of all new egg rocks.

make sure you get a nice case. something that's easy to get into to clean or replace parts. also something that supports your mobo and graphics card (some have trouble fitting those large AGP cards)

get a monster power supply and alot of memory. both are fairly cheap and will give you stability and speed. money is well spent here. make sure you buy the right memory and are set to upgrade, orften memory needs to be bought in pairs and you should stay with the same company and size.

as for cooling, you can always start by monitoring your heat zones in your mobo software and work from there. i've always wanted to run some ultra quiet water cooling system, but for now i just bought some extra fans and that works. make sure you read the fan reviews and spend the extra dough for some quiet ones, fan noise can build and suck.

run windows xp pro, since it has more tweaking features, and from what i hear more abilities to strip down the OS to remove unwanted resource hogs.

those graphics cards will run pretty much any game at top speed for now. i would really look for a budget card at the price break point. not sure what games you'll be playing, but this is an area where you can save alot of cash. you'll just want a different card in a year anyways when some game comes out that you can't run. if you want you graphics to roxk, i think a 512mb mem chip on the card is a must.

finally, take your time putting the system together. make sure you partition your huge HD so you can easily defragment your OS and highly used partitions.

also, make sure you claim your new egg t-shirt so you can be the coolest computer geek at your next work bbq. feel free to call me if you have any questions! also, buy Dungeon Siege II so you can play co-op with me, Flye, and lil'E.

good luck, have fun!

10:20 PM  
Blogger REkz said...

Good luck Glenn! I'm impressed that you actually have the time to do your own custom setup. Doctor of Flesh, Doctor of Digital. Better to build it yourself than pay double for the alienware thing. :)

Props to Sam for the tech sheet. Fat power supply & at leaset one good fan or multiple littles = good idea.

Only recommendation -- get 2gigs of RAM or more. The way XP works, the more RAM you have the faster it'll go (up to ~ 2gigs or so). There are tweaks you can use to limit Hard Drive paging also, but I'd leave it AUTO for HD swapping personally.
If you have 4gigs of RAM, you could comfortably disable HD swapping completely -- and fly. (That's done by manually setting the swap file to 0.)

The SICKEST thing in computing that I've seen are multimonitor setups. If you REALLY want to geek out, drop another $1k-1500 and get 2 more flat panels and a multi-screen card -- although may not work for some games.
Last point with multi-monitor -- XP supports it natively, so you can probably do it w/just your graphics card on the motherboard -- but don't expect any fancy graphics off the mobo.

I was doing the multiscreen w/my laptop for awhile, and hardcore users often do that w/their PC's and XP. But I can't play games at work, and at home I'm (learning) Mac (and not very impressed -- except w/Final Cut Pro & some other graphic stuff)...


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