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Friday, August 26, 2005

okay, so my computer is getting old and it can't see my cd/dvd drives anymore. I think it needs to be retired.

I want to put together a computer from scratch-- any ideas for parts?

let me know.


Blogger REkz said...

My opinion? You can build your own for pretty cheap, but hard to beat the Dell deals. Unfortunately, I bought a Dell Axim awhile back, hated it, dealt w/Dell Cust Supp (Indian) who sucked, and decided I'd NEVER buy anything dell again. But I might.

If you're gonna build it, try Fry's and 'go to town'. You can also do pretty well ordering things off the 'net.

Another note: you can often save about 1/2 if you travel, so if you go to HongKong, Thailand, or similar -- your computer can be up to 1/2 off (which can cover a chunk of the trip).

Personally, Mac's got some sick deals. Their laptops are impressive. I got a 17" awhile back for basic video editing, but b/c of form factors I would now go w/15". iBook is good. talk to Wes or another Mac guru before you buy.

Questions to ask: PC or Laptop? (Hard to build your own laptop.)

PC questions: how much $$ approx, form factor (mini, tower, etc), how many CPU's, graphics card, big fat HD, total RAM, any special requirements?

Then go to Fry's, give them your $$$, and have fun. :D

I think Andrew's build his own PC a few times.

(Stay away from Compaq/HP, b/c their stuff sucks.)

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