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Monday, August 08, 2005

joke google search results: try the did you mean clickthrough.


Blogger REkz said...

Google is more biased than one might think.

Have you tried Googling for wares or warez or serials or serialz?

Funniest thing is that if you Google it or if you Yahoo it, you get dif results (but it's the same search engine).

Google is filtering big-time.

I went to a Blog party, and they mentioned that sites that get "C&D" (Cease & Desist) letters get dropped from Google & Google's cache, but reposted on another site that works w/Google.

If someone can find something BETTER than Google to search things out, please lemme know!

Alien was pretty good awhile back w/IRC stuff. I never have done it b/c always firewalled... (Shamed!)

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