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Sunday, July 03, 2005

ought to be in that movie blog but that shit be dead.

FLASHBACK TO X: reading about it in the New Zealand Airport,
and then back to the courtroom in 1969.

The Official Legend is created and
the media takes it from there. The
glitter of official lies and the
epic splendor of the thought-numbing
funeral of J.F.K. confuse the eye
and confound the understanding.
Hitler always said "the bigger the
lie, the more people will believe
it." Lee Oswald - a crazed, lonely
man who wanted attention and got it
by killing a President, was only the
first in a long line of patsies. In
later years Bobby Kennedy and Martin
Luther King, men whose commitment to
change and to peace would make them
dangerous to men who are committed
to war, would follow, also killed by
such "lonely, crazed men," who remove
our guilt by making murder a
meaningless act of a loner. We have
all become Hamlets in our country -
children of a slain father - leader
whose killers still possess the
throne. The ghost of John F. Kennedy
confronts us with the secret murder
at the heart of the American dream.
He forces on us the appalling
questions: Of what is our
Constitution made? What is our
citizenship, and more, our lives
worth? What is the future of a
democracy where a President can be
assassinated under conspicuously
suspicious circumstances while the
machinery of legal action scarcely
trembles? How many political murders,
disguised as heart attacks, cancer,
suicides, airplane and car crashes,
drug overdoses will occur before
they are exposed for what they are?

what will happen when the Iraq chickens come home to roost?


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