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Friday, May 27, 2005

One bad-ass girl. Evidentally her name is "Sue Flecks". Gives a whole new connotation to taking the lift.

Here's the translation of the Russian content:
"Not always attempts to select at associates of a thing come to an end success of robbers. The chamber of internal supervision established in one lifts of the Tokyo office, has fixed a unique case when to the criminal gave worthy repulse. With the broken neck it has been delivered in hospital, and the girl after evidence in a police station with the world has been released vosvojasi."


Blogger Erik said...

That's what happens when you try to steal Gogo Yubari's purse.

Here's my translation of your translation: "Not all attempts to choose a robbery target are met with success. A closed-circuit camera inside an elevator at a Toyko office has captured an unique case where the robber met with formidable resistance. He ended up in the hospital with a broken neck, and the girl was released after the video evidence was made public by police."

"When to the criminal gave worthy repulse" sounds like something EB Farnum might say.

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