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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

man I hope you all are knowing about newsgroups and the google groups search function. how else would you find the answer, or at least discussion, of practically any question you can imagine, enjoy the best of trolls, flamewars, and gems.. e.g.:

N=140; Q=160; S=180; T=190; H=210; V=240; Z=>>240
(shit thats km)
N for Nonsensical, Q for Questionable Quality, S for Snail, T for
Turtle, H for High speed, V for Very high speed and Z for ZOOM! ;)

Find me some great threads.. somewhere I stumbled across a great one debating barbecue and going mad tangential.. also some hilarious trollwork out there..


Blogger Erik said...

Good chart at the bottom of this page. I think of this every time I see some massive pickup with Q-rated tires zooming down the I5 at 95mph+...

8:10 PM  

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