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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

One Reservist to another, in Iraq: "How long do we have to learn this?"
Other: "The rest of your life."

is this history?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

For the kids...Barney Shakur.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

For those who haven't yet seen it: Jon Stewart takes on Crossfire

Friday, October 15, 2004

OMG, they brought KDAY back and on the FM to boot. Preliminary report: came on on 9/20/04, playing classics and current, no commercials or DJs yet. (thus far, Programming has been excellent) may be a slick marketing stroke of genius using "KDAY" as a name and not necessarily the call letters. not sure, may be brodcasting out of redondo beach. KDAY OMG. oh yeah, the part you need to know. 93.5 FM .

to elaborate:

"Allhiphop News" link
"JointzMag" forum discussion
(link) to below
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2004 Styles Media Returns 'K-Day' To L.A.Styles Media officially assumed control of KZAB/Los Angeles and simulcastpartner KZBA/Riverside at noon yesterday, flipping KZAB from Tropical to ahip-hop format that encompasses the genre's 25-year history as "93.5 K-DAY." Atwo-minute documentary featuring Rick Party, who has signed on as the stationvoice, kicked off the format. "This isn't just a brand-new radio station,"Party said. "This is a living history of hip-hop." The station's inaugural hourfeatured songs from such artists as NWA, LL Cool J, 2PAC, DJ Quik, 50 Cent,Lil' Flip and Snoop Doggy Dogg. "How many times can you get to do this?" StylesMedia Managing Member Don McCoy told R&R. "There's no market like this. Mywhole life has been a 'get ready' for this moment." Styles Media ChiefProgramming Officer Anthony Acampora is overseeing the station's launch. The original KDAY was one of the nation's first stations to embrace hip-hop, airing at 1580 kHz from the early 1980s until its 1991 sign-off. KZBA is temporarily dark and that station's new format is set to debut soon.


hahaha I just heard a first commercial on it... : Hollywood Bail bonds
heard the first true call sign: a fast, distorted, yelled, "KZAB"..