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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Oakland's newest commercial district: Oaksterdam. I actually got the lowdown on the pot scene from my ex-realtor. Apparently some growers have openly leased a property at 14th and Jefferson to convert into a giant marijuana growing facility. Gotta love Oakland. "My client would like to lease your property for the purpose of openly growing copious amounts of marijuana." "Deal." Warms my heart.

[E: "...half a dozen cannabis dispensaries and related suppliers have set up shop in a green triangle bounded by 17th and 19th streets and Telegraph Avenue and Broadway." I mentioned many posts ago that I walk past the place at 19th/Telegraph on my way to work. Paging Dr. Hifumi... hook me up with a script! I have, uh, jumpy bones. In the near future I hope to be able to swing by one of these cafes after work, then on down to Luka's for a Chimay and a cone of fries with extra mayo.]


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