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Thursday, July 17, 2003

just got done watching the press conferance with malone and payton. malone said he not going to wear #32 after all. they also looked really excited to be here, with malone talking about making a statement from pre-season. i can't wait until we see this happen. funniest thing is Mitch Kupcheck still looks like he's wearing the face of disbelief for basically pulling off the best offseason by any GM in NBA history. Hell, maybe in any sport.

SHEasy Tiger, Jerry West 1996: Traded Vlade for a draft pick (Kobe Bryant) and signed Shaquille O'neal.

SL: but he didn't do it for about $6 million total. and he hasn't traded for any rapists either :o (j/king) although we don't know what goes on with malone in the back woods, or with payton in the back of the oakland (land of pimpin') strip clubs.

RM: Would that there were Oakland strip clubs, but alas there are none save perhaps a few underground venues.


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