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Thursday, June 12, 2003


i'm back. jeez for a computer geek i don't check in here very often. :D

[E: videoage - this is a pretty sweet video. Anyone know who this is? OK, so it's DJ Format, but that doesn't help me unless the DJ is an MC2.]

[RM: Don't know if this answers the question, but here's the album. Song featuring MCs Charlie 2na and Akil from Jurrasic 5. No info on who the dancers are, since all sharks and tigers tend to look alike to me. On an arguably related note, I clicked through the linked page to the jazz bizniz album and checked that out. Nice.]

SL: RM are you still a bad person? or should i blame the post office for never receiving a cd. [RM: Eh, both. I'm gonna try to hook up w/ you folkseses in San Dizzy, so maybe I can hand deliver then.] Hell yeah, be there!


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