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Sunday, June 22, 2003

here's your autograph, getting knocked the fuck out. stupid mofo,
"You may have fists, but we have guns," Samuel Velez, 31, allegedly told Tyson in the lobby of the Brooklyn Marriott, tucking his hand in his shirt to simulate a gun and egging Tyson into a fistfight that left Velez unconscious, according to police sources and court documents.
[E: Supposedly there is video from the hotel lobby, so I'm all a-tingle in anticipation. They could turn this into a reality series: Punks Jump Up to Get the Beat Down, with Mike Tyson. For the pilot, Charles Barkley could throw some fool through a plate glass window.]
{SL: in a related story, two men rub themselves down with meat and jump into a hungry lion's cage yelling, "p.p..p...put em up" in their best cowardly lion voice.}

A: in older Tyson news, he gave Dick D. Hardick a swift drop kick in the dick.

[E: Anyone else see Jackass:The Movie? In one of the skits Johnny Knoxville does some department store boxing with Butterbean -- Butterbean! On purpose! After a couple of head shots with those hamhocks he couldn't remember why he was being take to the hospital.]
{A: oh yes. IIRC after throwing a few punches, Butterbean asks Knoxville to hit him, I guess to make him mad. He does and it does. And knoxville goes to KTFO-ville.}


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