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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

ok ok ok, so maybe it is a toy, maybe it is geared towards a younger crowd, maybe i should not be concerned with these things at this point in my life. But don't these look sick?

[E: That looks so damn sweet. If JV were here, he would say it was downright Islamic because it's the Shiite. The younger crowd can eat my exhaust.]
[A: Better graphics squeezed out of the PS2! wow. Better force feedback, yay.. sign me up for more of those behind the eye fake 3d headaches]
[E: "It's good for the flu, It's good for tuberculosis... even fake 3d headaches." (hey it beats whatever it is he rhymed with tb)]{RM: Mural Thrombosis?}

[GH: that's the funniest thing in the world. tosh singing mural thrombosis makes sense in the song continuity. However, everywhere i look regarding the lyrics to that song, the line is interpreted as "umara composis." what is the lyric officially? or is it just like that i killed paul/cranberry sauce line in the beatles song?]{RM: Listened to it yesterday. Sure sounds like "umara composis" to me. But of couse that would make no sense to it can't possibly true. Could it?}[GH: umara composis don't be in me medicine books, man. don't know what kind of evil magic that is. (miss cleo accent omitted) but thrombosis makin sense due to all that claat talk, bumba clot, blood clot, etc.]


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