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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Barbara Boxer calls hanky-panky on Halliburton. Republican senators deny knowing what hanky-panky is, but suspect that it is illegal in Texas except between married heterosexual couples employing proper missionary position technique.

[E: The federal government has pretty strict contracting rules, so if there is a problem here she should point to the actual rule that was broken, not just whine about vague feelings of unfairness. If the GAO finds impropriety, or if the administration claims an unreasonable exemption from the rules due to the war, then it will be time to hammer the administration over this. But so far the argument hasn't gone much beyond Haliburton=Evil.]

{RM: I mainly liked the repeated use of "hanky panky". Although I do think you're going a bit easy on the administration.}

SH:Why don't you guys get a room?


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