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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Rubber bullets? She looks like a damn squirrel. And what is with Oakland? Riots 2 blocks away from my place after the super bowl, and now cops testing crowd control weapons on my way to work? Silly Oakland.

[RM says: It's racism. The black man can riot and loot with impunity, but as soon as whitey gets uppity the Man smacks him down]

[E wishes he was there to watch: As my medico coworkers said, the face is full of capillaries and if you don't ice your wounds quickly they end up looking like that -- badges of protest honor proudly worn no doubt. My question is: what ever happened to the good ol' firehose? Apparently in the Raider Riots a fire truck trying to get to a scene used their main hose quite effectively to clear a path.]

[E also requests: video, which I hear exists but I can't find anywhere.]

[GH: the interesting thing is that there have been cases where bean bag/rubber bullets have actually penetrated into the otherwise soft and pliable bodies of the intended targets, for example, the chest and the skull. who says you need a kalashnikov for good ol' fun?
PS what's up with the link ad. I'm not looking unless they give me some freebies.]


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