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Monday, April 07, 2003

Merry WarMas!

RM: Luka and Bart look truely Warmas-like.

E: Bart represents Eternal Hope, and Luka represents Utter Anxiety

SL: what does this poor soul represent? [RM: I've seen that before (along with corresponding humorous anecdote) and concluded that it's more likely than not a photoshop job, yes?] SL: not photoshopeed. poor cat has an OtherCut (tm supercuts) [E: I saw an email about this that claimed the southern-accented owner was asking for a "line cut" and got a lion cut instead.]{Me too, and I saw it on several web sites, which makes it a bona fide urban legend. Not necessarily false, but doubtable. - RM}


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