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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Just one point as far as Turkey and the Kurds, the war ain't over. The Turks have said in no uncertain terms that if Kurds seize control of the Mosul and Kirkuk (strategic because of large oil reserves which can be used to finance a Kurdish state) that they will send Turkish troops across the border. The Kurds, for the record, have stated they do not want to form a Kurdish state (at least the ones on our side of the Turkish border) though they haven't said anything about taking or not taking the cities. That issue hasn't been resolved. I am curious to see what does happen in the coming weeks.

[E: very good point. For now it seems that the Kurds are happy enough with our presence that they have agreed not to seek an independent state, and some of our state dept. folks have been making noise about a federalist system in iraq that would give Kurdistan a measure of self-government without full blown independence, and that seems to me to be a wise middle path. All in all, the tribal and ethnic animosities within Iraq pale in comparison to the extreme hatreds seen still in Afghanistan. Those folks are not asking for a quick US exit - quite the opposite.]

On a different note, anyone know if women can serve as combat troops in the UK. I saw this picture (click on the 6th thumbnail) and was surprised. Also if you have her number that would help too. [Man, that is one ugly chick. She looks like a bronze version of Saddam Hussein.]{with a hole in his head. Poor statue being beat with sandals like that.} [BWHAHAHAHA, damn that's good fun, I meant sixth images under the reaction tab. IH]


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