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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Jesus, are we this freaking dorky? Sorry, you probably all figured it out by now, but it just struck me.

[E: love the Uncle Sam poster in his post at (4/9/2003 04:47:25 PM -- link doesn't work). I'd image-jack it but I'm not that smart.]
{A copied the address from text of View Source}

[E: Thanks... I love that poster. I wish it was for sale.]

and this ones for Glenn

all your base flash video that has a little photo slideshow at the end. Sound (crappy techno) warning.

[E: that was nice... I like the Wheel (with Vanna) image the best. And I would be pretty freaked if I got that message in a fortune cookie.]

{M, Did I miss something? Is that like Where's the Beef? IS "All your base..." sweeping the nation and I'm just a hairball stuck under the couch? My favorite is the soccer player getting kicked in the nuts. Getting kicked in the nuts is a sure laugh in my book}

[A:It's some old shit but really suits that picture]


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