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Friday, March 07, 2003

So has anyone started a pool on the invasion date? I figure we could also do a pool on how long Turkey waits from the start of the US invasion to hit northern Iraq. Shit we could also do a pool on the date of the first terrorist attack on a US government facility internationally and domestically after the start of hostilities that includes a fatality.

a say: now isn't that a little grim? (cough, 3.17), pehaps a long bet (or discussion on one) instead?

[E: Not soon enough for these guys. AD took my answer so I'll go with 3/18 instead, with understanding that I'm holding my tongue about the fact that we're at war already just in a prolonged and broken cease-fire.]

{A: but too soon for these2 guys}

[E: Oh no, career diplomats are resigning! But who will attend the prince's daughter's birthday party?]


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