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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

ok. i'm thinking of renaming the LP. the reason is, i want to do an instrumental album after i release this. i would hope to use alot of old beats along with some new creations featuring some of the local bloggers here. JV? Flye? So, I'd like to call the instrumental LP "Beat to Clean Your Room to..." . here are my thoughts for the initial release titles:

1. OMGWTF (oh my god what the fuck)
2. When life gave me lemons...
3. Issues
4. Stoned Amongst Pebbles
5. Stone Amongst Pebbles
6. The Institudio
7. the_crack
8. Motivation
9. Motivation Motion
10. The Write Hemisphere
11. Producing from the Right side of the Brain
12. Lemonade
13. Planting Seeds
14. Spark Twain and the Adventures Hussleberry Slim

feel free to add to this list. offer any suggestions please. i need to finalize the title soon. in the next day or so.

RM: Of the above, my favorite is "The Adventures Of Hussleberry Slim" (w/out the Spark Twain). But then you might be holding yourself out as a "hustler" which people might interpret different ways. Other M. Twain book titles that might work are "Roughing It" or "How To Tell A Story" or "A True Story." Or you could just use your standout track for the LP name, e.g., "Lemons For Lemonade." /2cents

SL: good feedback. what about "Lemon's Motivation" ... [RM sez: sounds good too, going with the standout track concept.]
SH: If you're putting other tracks on, how about Laker for Life featuring Javaning J.V.? Motivation Motion sounds ambient, if that's what you're looking for. I've always liked the name SKEK, but it ain't got nothing to do with anything but SOuth Park.

[RM adds: Lemon's Drops. And in the same way that SH has an affection for "SKEK," I have also always liked the phrase "Ay, Que Grandes!" but I don't see how that applies here.]


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