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Friday, March 07, 2003

oh yeah, the dates been set. St. pattys 3/17. Top of the bombing to ya. what are they calling it, shock and awe, now with 10 x payoffs I mean payloads. boomshakalaka. Let's get missile command up in this b31tch!

I was telling Glenn about this article on old school acade games. real funny playing those oldies in Shenmue. FYI p3 isn't linked right from p2

[E: I was just talking with someone yesterday about Tempest... I wouldn't mind having one of those around. That game kicks ass. Also: Battlezone. Love those vector graphics.]

[A say: Glenn and I were also talking about some newly released Atari joystick that has classic 2600 games in it. Of course Glenn is the only one crazy enough to actually buy one. Don't even get me started on Atari (annoying sound warning) nostalgia. and I had a Vectrex but it broke :(]

GH: i actually found it and bought it. it has the classic "adventure" wherein the very first easter egg lies. other than that it is atari.

[E: Shockwave.com has some classic arcade games, gotta love Joust, and they used to have Missile Command but I'm not sure what happened to it.]

SL: joust rules! it was such a fun multiplayer game too. 2 player co-op.

A in comic book guy voice: Joust: best shockwave game, ever. Here's an 2600 adventure link.and the adventure Quake mod


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