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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

First comps of the CD, lemme get some feedback. These are definately not final, especially the text on the back. just give me an overall generall vibe of how it looks, color scheme, etc.

front of CD

back of CD

[E: Dude, where is your right hand on the cover? Is "cleaning your room" a euphimism?]

SL: hahaha. thats my secret message to my fans. also check out the new web site, although itll be updated soon enough. busy busy busy. samuel lemons site

SH: The back is tight, with that superimposed image and the front graphics too. Go to give it up to the photogropher, too, Andrew the composition of those pictures are professional and artistic, but I don't see any photographer credit , maybe that'll be on the inside?

SL: damn AD, you didnt have to call your lawyer already :P .... i told you the text wasnt finished. just some place holding text. thats not the actual track listing either. just a mock up to get a general sense of things.

[E: btw, I just got one of those huge cd changers and loaded most of my CDs into it this weekend and let it shuffle. It was a nice surprise to have "Everbomb" come up.]

{if you put your rap discs in you're about to be in a world of all up in your random. if it's like mine you won't know for sure whether a skit has a song in the same track so when you first find out they slip away into the random and you can't do the perma-wack. (unless you're pissed off enough to hunt it down) -a }

GH: I like the way this looks. Nice choice of fonts on the cover, (to me) seeming to recall the old "lounge style" music covers (picture and album title blend here too). I like how the background lines kind of remind me of an extreme close up of a UPC barcode. offset simple line drawing takes overall focus off the figure into a large, unseen area. cool.

RM chimes in: I'm not a smart fella like GH, so I don't see how the cover art and title correspond. Unless EH was right and "cleaning your room" is really code for beating your meat. But in general, that's my only comment, i.e., I might have a slightly more satisfied feeling if the cover art and title corresponded.


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