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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Apropos of absolutely nothing: This article disturbed and delighted me in many, many ways. Number one most disturbing aspect is that somebody actually got paid to write the article (although, in all fairness, the author probably earns about what I collect in unemployment). I mean, culling quotes from some random blog hardly counts as research. Falling somewhere in the nether regions betwixt disgust and delight was the notion that a blog such our very own could someday be considered a relevant source of information. But ultimately it is all made OK by one line: "What a coincidence, my coke dealer's name is Centrino."

Too bad they truncated another post - "But can I download pr0n faster with it, and fap off with more joy and less keyboard cleaning? No? Then bugger off." - to a mere "But can I download pr0n faster with it?" Hardly has the same impact, don't you think?

A: this guy needs to win an award for setting a whole new standard for half-assed pseudo-journalism. It is pretty funny how he attributes all his quotes.

[E: I wonder if I could get paid to report a news story by quoting the Yahoo message boards: "Meanwhile, yessima_bonglodin feels that our relationship with France has been strained by the fact that 'their f*cink fags.' " ]

RM: "yessima_bonglodin" - heh. Funny make me laugh. [E: Me too. I couldn't make that up.]


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